No one has ever become poor by giving

At Haq Foundation we consistently pursue dream of a world where poverty, injustice and illiteracy do not exist.

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Allah give us riches so we can help poor

Our organisation believes in helping people to grow and not just provide them with money. We want people to be rich in knowledge, happiness, health and wisdom.

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Areas to improve


We want to develop an education system that teaches people to become human beings and not just money making skills.


By organising slums, we aim to develop new cities with proper housing facilities.


With the use of renewable energy, we envision to solve energy crisis and bring down electricity cost.


We wish to construct hospitals in rural areas so people there can access medical facilities easily.

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Are you interested in helping us in non-financial ways? Great, we gladly welcome people who genuinely want to make this world a better place. Give us a call or send us an email